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Celebration Family Dental Blog

5 Tips for a Healthier Smile During National Dental Hygiene Month

October 27, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — celebrationfamilydental @ 1:51 pm
Couple smiling while brushing their teeth

October means cooler temperatures, weekends watching football, and lots and lots of candy. However, it’s also National Dental Hygiene Month! At first, it may seem like just another social media holiday, but it serves a very important purpose. After all, over 90% of Americans have had at least one cavity by their 21st birthday and roughly 50% struggle with gum disease. So, it’s safe to say our dental care regimen needs an upgrade! With this in mind, read on for five oral hygiene tips to implement for a healthier smile.


Why Skipping a Dental Cleaning Could Be Dangerous

September 21, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — celebrationfamilydental @ 3:32 pm
young man smiling at his dentist during a dental cleaning

Most people don’t exactly jump for joy when they hear a term like “preventive dentistry.” In fact, many people these days don’t even think that preventive dental care is important. As many as one out of every five Americans hasn’t visited their dentist in several years, according to a survey by the American Dental Association. While it can be more convenient to only see your dentist when you feel pain, skipping a dental cleaning can actually have harmful consequences. Read more below to learn three of them.


6 Benefits of Choosing a Dentist with an Intraoral Camera

August 10, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — celebrationfamilydental @ 7:50 pm
Carrollton dentist using intraoral camera during dental checkup

Thanks to the latest advancements in dental technology, keeping your smile healthy has never been easier, more comfortable, or more effective! One of the best innovations your Carrollton dentist uses is an intraoral camera. This state-of-the-art device allows them to capture high-resolution pictures of difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth. Even though intraoral cameras are very small, they play a big part in helping your dentist detect developing cavities, hairline fractures, plaque buildup, tarnished fillings, inflamed gums, and other issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this important piece of dental technology!


Is Your Child at Risk of a Tooth Infection?

July 7, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — celebrationfamilydental @ 10:30 pm
Shocked little boy covers his mouth hearing about tooth infection

Even though your son or daughter’s baby teeth aren’t a permanent fixture in their precious smile, it’s essential that they’re taken care of. In fact, teaching your child how to maintain great oral health has a variety of long-term benefits. One of the most important reasons however is to help them prevent cavities or worse, a tooth infection. Here’s what you need to know about tooth decay, dental infections, and protecting your little one’s smile.


5 Types of X-Rays That Might Be Taken During Your Checkup

June 17, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — celebrationfamilydental @ 8:57 pm
Dentist and patient review dental x-rays at oral exam

You’re probably familiar with getting dental x-rays taken during your biannual oral health exams. However, did you know that not all x-rays are the same? In fact, there are a variety of types of x-rays your dentist may use during your regular dental checkup, depending on what they’re looking for. Read on to learn more about the five most common types of dental x-rays and how they help keep your smile happy and healthy for a lifetime.

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