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Sedation Dentist – Carrollton, TX

Calm, Comfortable, and Relaxing Dentistry

Dentistry offers a wide variety of solutions to make your smile healthier and more beautiful, yet, a lot of people are unable to take advantage of these transformational treatments due to fear of the dentist’s chair. Whether you have severe dental fear, or you may just be a little anxious for an upcoming appointment, it’s important for your oral health to see a dentist regularly. At Celebration Family Dental, we can provide sedation dentistry services to make your dental treatments more comfortable. Read on to learn how Dr. Rajiv Shekhadiya and Dr. Dhiren Ahir can make your next dental visit a calm and relaxing experience.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

man smiling in dentist’s chair

Our dentists offer multiple types of sedation to make your dental visits as comfortable as possible. The biggest benefit of sedation dentistry is the ability to treat dental fear. Routine checkups and restorative treatments are vital to your oral and overall health, which makes sedation an incredibly useful tool.

Use of sedation can also lead to shorter treatment times. Because you’ll be relaxed and comfortable, our dentists will be able to move through your mouth quicker. Plus, if you have an active gag reflex, sedation can paralyze it to help them work more efficiently.

Last but not least, sedation provides pain relief. While our dentists will numb your mouth for a variety of treatments, sedation can offer an extra layer of comfort.

Types of Sedation

Woman smiling in dentist’s chair

Dr. Shekhadiya and Dr. Ahir proudly offer 2 different types of sedation to keep you relaxed during your visit:

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative which is administered through a small nasal mask in combination with oxygen. It is a great anxiety-reliever and will make you feel light and relaxed during any procedure. Your level of sedation can be adjusted during your appointment, and the effect of the gas wears off quickly once the mask is removed, so there is no “hangover” effect.

Oral Sedation

Sedatives in the form of pills are a popular option for many patients since they produce a mild to moderate sedation effect without the use of needles. You will have little to no memory of a dental procedure performed under oral sedation. The effects of this method can last for up to a few hours after a procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that a friend or family member drive you to and from your dental appointment.

Neglecting Oral Health Due to Dental Fear or Anxiety

Woman using nitrous oxide

Did you know that it is estimated that 30 to 40 million people in America deal with some form of dental fear or anxiety? At Celebration Family Dental, one of the main reasons we offer sedation is to give these patients the ability to get the treatment that they need. Sedation is a great tool that we can utilize to help you overcome your dental fear and anxiety.

If you prolong routine dental visits or treatment due to your anxiety, it will only lead to more serious problems in the future. Thankfully, with our multiple types of sedation, you can receive the dental care you need in the most comfortable way possible. If you or a loved one suffers from dental fear or anxiety, contact Celebration Family Dental to get relaxing yet necessary oral healthcare.

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