Fluoride Treatment for Children – Carrollton, TX

Keeping Young Smiles Safe and Strong

Fluoride is essential to the prevention of tooth decay and proper development of the teeth. This is why the public water supply is fluoridated in a lot of areas in the United States. Topical fluoride treatments are also available in the form of mouthwashes, toothpaste, and other products. At Celebration Family Dental of Carrollton, we can offer you professional advice on the use of fluoridated products for your children and offer professional fluoride treatment in our Carrollton, TX dental office.

Why Choose Celebration Family Dental of Carrollton for Fluoride Treatment for Children?

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Why Does My Child Need Fluoride Treatment?

Child drinking acidic soda who may need fluoride treatment

The hard outer layer of the teeth (enamel) is weakened by acids produced by the foods and beverages we consume, as well as by the decay-causing bacteria in the mouth. Fluoride becomes a part of the crystalline structure of the enamel and makes it resistant to attack by these factors. Fluoride treatments can also help in the repair of small cavities forming in the mouth.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Patient receiving fluoride treatment

Fluoride ingested by children by means of supplements or drinking is absorbed by their developing permanent teeth. Topical fluoride treatments provided by our dental office can also be used to strengthen the teeth that have erupted fully. The treatment involves the application of fluoride directly on to the teeth. The solution is allowed to sit for a few minutes before being easily removed.