5 Ways to Protect Your Oral Health During Your Fitness Journey

December 16, 2021

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The end of the year is approaching quickly, which means many people are starting to make their list of 2022 resolutions. If you’re like most, you probably have set some fitness goals for the new year. While creating your workout plan, the last thing on your mind is likely your smile – even though it should be a priority. Unless you’re careful, exercise can actually damage your pearly whites. Fortunately, there are many ways you can protect your oral health during your fitness journey. Here are a few you should know.

Wear Protective Gear

Are you planning on participating in high-impact activities like biking, skating, football, hockey, or soccer? It’s incredibly important that you wear protective gear for your head and mouth. Otherwise, one blow to the face could easily result in broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. Any type of headgear (like a helmet) is excellent for sports that involve bats, sticks, and balls. Not only will it protect your head from impact, but your mouth as well. A mouthguard doesn’t offer as much protection but it’s still highly effective. It forms a protective layer over your teeth during contact sports. You can purchase one from a sporting goods store or custom-order one from your dentist.

Drink Plenty of Water

While working out, you might occasionally sip on a sports drink to stay hydrated. Even though they contain electrolytes (which are beneficial), they’re also extremely acidic and sugary. Unfortunately, those two elements can put your oral health at risk, increasing your chances of developing problems like cavities, decay, and enamel erosion. To keep your pearly whites safe, consider drinking plenty of water instead. It’s truly one of the best drinks for your mouth and body!

Be Cautious with Nutrition Bars

Contrary to popular belief, nutritious bars are not as healthy as they’re advertised to be. In fact, they’re just as harmful as a sugary sports drink! Even though they contain ingredients like dates, nuts, raisins, and other fruits, they still have plenty of added sugar. What’s more, these treats tend to be sticky, meaning the food will stay on your teeth longer and leave them more vulnerable to decay. If you decide to indulge in a nutrition bar, be sure to brush and floss afterward to protect your smile.

Don’t Clench Your Jaw

Do you clench your jaw while exercising? Some people do it without even realizing it! Unfortunately, doing so can lead to the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. If that happens, it can contribute to jaw misalignment and airway constriction. Therefore, you should try and be aware of your jaw placement during physical activity.

Avoid Mouth-Breathing

Breathing through your mouth may seem easier than nose-breathing after exercising, but you should avoid doing it as much as possible. It can lead to dry mouth and decreased saliva production, which is bad news for your oral health.

Before hitting the gym next year, take a second to think about how your fitness journey is affecting your oral health. By following the tips above, you can work towards your dream body while keeping your smile safe!

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