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Periodontal Therapy

Fighting Gum Disease

While much of dentistry is focused on taking care of the teeth, that’s not where your dentist’s job stops. When it comes to your oral health, maintaining your gum health is just as important when it comes to protecting your smile. Periodontal therapy is a collection of treatments specifically used to manage and prevent gum disease, which is a bacterial infection of the gum tissue and bone that support the teeth. It’s usually caused by a lack of oral hygiene, and while early symptoms like redness and swelling are easy to miss, it can eventually develop into the leading cause of tooth loss in the entire world!

This is why the team at Celebration Family Dental will always keep an eye on your gums whenever you come to see us. If you ever show any signs of this infection, we’ll quickly be able to catch it and stop it from negatively affecting your smile. Do your gums feel sore, look red, or bleed easily whenever you brush your teeth? If so, you may already have gum disease, so contact us today to get the treatment you need.

Antibiotic Treatments

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Because gum disease is a bacterial infection, we can fight it using a variety of antibiotics. They may come in the form of a pill, mouth rinse, or a powder or gel that is applied directly to the gums. In any case, they’ll work to kill harmful bacteria and restore the health of your smile.

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Deep Cleanings

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A deep cleaning is usually our first line of defense against early-stage gum disease, better known as gingivitis. This will consist of two parts: one where your dentist gently removes plaque and tartar deposits from your gum line, and another where the rough surfaces of your teeth’s roots will be smoothed out to prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating on them in the future.

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Pocket Irrigation

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This is an extremely effective dental treatment that is used to clean the small spaces between the gums and teeth where gum disease bacteria tends to gather and thrive. Once all plaque and tartar have been removed, your dentist can then apply a direct antibiotic to prevent reinfection and shrink the pocket itself.

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