September 10, 2016

Your teeth are important in many ways. If you take good care of them properly, they will take good care of you too. Healthy and strong teeth can help you chew properly, speak clearly and help you look at your best.

If you do not take care of your teeth, cavities and unhealthy gums will cause you mouth troubles. You will have a difficulty eating and you will be holding back your smile.

One of the most basic things you do to keep your mouth healthy is brushing. You may have been brushing for most of your life but how sure are you that you are doing it properly and effectively? The significance of brushing properly is most of the time being overlooked but it is vital in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. You just need a conscious effort in making sure it is done correctly to achieve maximum effect.


Thorough and frequent brushing is essential for maintaining good oral health. And most dentists recommend patients to brush twice a day. It is not only important that you brush, it is also imperative that you know and be able to apply proper brushing techniques to ensure effectivity and achieve the sufficient level of thoroughness. This may be a practice that you have been doing for years, but you may be surprised to know that you are not doing it properly. Below are some of the vital things to consider when brushing.

  • Toothbrush should be placed at a 45 degree angle towards the gum line
  • Move the brush in a back and forth rolling motion that makes contact with the gums and teeth
  • Brush the outer surface and the inner surfaces and the chewing surfaces of the teeth
  • Brush the back of the teeth by holding the brush vertically to the tooth and moving it in an up and down motion
  • Brush your tongue to keep your breath fresh
  • Make sure to know the right type of toothbrush to use. Usually, dentists would recommend the soft bristled brush as it is known to remove plaque and debris best from your teeth. A powered toothbrush is also a good alternative especially for those with manual dexterity.
  • Be able to identify the right toothpaste for you since there is a wide variety of toothpaste designed for many needs and conditions including cavities, tartar, gingivitis, stained teeth and sensitivity. You may consult your dentist for professional advice.

It is also recommended to accompany brushing with flossing because there may still be some bacteria in between teeth that toothbrush bristles are not able to reach and remove. This will help remove food particles from between the teeth and below the gum line.


Brushing your teeth may not necessarily be your most favorite thing to do daily, but there are several significant reasons why this is strongly encouraged and recommended.

  1. Brushing prevents tooth decay as it stops the plaque buildup.
  2. It prevents periodontal or gum diseases. You do not necessarily need to chew tobacco to develop gum diseases. These can easily be acquired simply by skipping brushing for consecutive days.
  3. It keeps your breath fresh, nobody wants their breath to stink, right?
  4. It prevents tooth loss. You want to be able to keep your permanent teeth until you grow old and as much as possible avoid dentures.
  5. You do not want to have unnecessary trips to the dentists because of damaged tooth or some gum diseases.
  6. It helps you avoid spending for unnecessary treatments for oral conditions which you could have prevented only if you were properly brushing your teeth.
  7. It is not only good for your oral health but good for your overall health as it helps you avoid getting complicated health problems including heart disease, stroke and pneumonia. These diseases can stem out from severe gum disease.
  8. It helps pregnant women give normal birth with healthier babies as those who have gum disease are known to give birth to the babies too soon or have babies who are below the normal weight.
  9. People with diabetes will be able to avoid having trouble on keeping their blood sugar under control.
  10. Overall, life expectancy is prolonged as healthier mouth is linked to the total physical health.

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