October 1, 2016

The little defects you have on your teeth are what’s holding yourself from flashing your pearly whites. These imperfections reduce your confidence and increase the distraction on your smile. These tiny chips on your tooth or slight mismatch in sizes still need to be addressed but you do not have to worry. There are many procedures in dentistry that are ready to help you with your aesthetic dental concerns.

TEETH RESHAPING OR CONTOURING is the process of removing tooth enamel with the use of a laser or drill in order to change the shape, length or surface of the teeth. This is a cost effective and one of the most convenient option for fixing poorly aligned teeth, and shape it in a way that it looks more pleasing and fit with its neighbors. The process is normally combined with a treatment called “bonding” to sculpt and shape the teeth for a better overall appearance. It helps filling in chips and gaps between teeth, and also improve color and add shape. This is most often used on the most visible teeth such as the upper front teeth and the canines.


Here are some of the cosmetic problems that can be corrected with tooth contouring and reshaping:

Small chips and gaps between teeth

  • Uneven tooth length
  • Slight overlaps
  • Tooth edges that are too flattened and pointy
  • Minor bite problems that result from teeth tosuching unevenly during contact


  • This is cost efficient and an inexpensive method of improving the overall look of your teeth, although the cost may still depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. There are also cases where this procedure is required to be performed, like for example an accident or trauma, although your insurance may pick up some of the costs.
  • This is painless because only the surface of the enamel is removed in tooth in order to reshape it. There is no anesthesia required because there is no feeling of discomfort at all.
  • This helps you take good care of your teeth better and have better dental hygiene as the gaps and minor overlaps where plaque and tartar can build up are removed.
  • In minor cases of overlapping, this can already be a good alternative for using braces as it can make the teeth look a little straighter.
  • Teeth reshaping can also provide confidence boost because it can fix uneven teeth, and aside from being cheap, it is also the least time consuming.


The procedure of contouring begins with making sure that your teeth are healthy and in order to examine this, dental X-rays may be taken. The dentist will then mark areas that need reshaping or sculpting. Then he or she will start trimming misshapen areas, shortening excessively long teeth, or altering or aligning badly shaped teeth for proper biting and alignment. Dental instruments and abrasion techniques are used to perform contouring. A sanding instrument is also used to minimize imperfections and contour the sides of the teeth.

Since most contouring only involves the removal of the enamel and enamel does not contain any nerves, anesthesia or even local anesthesia may no longer be needed. There will only be a slight feel of vibration as the teeth is being sculpted. After which, the teeth are smoothened and polished.

The process normally takes less than an hour, but it will still depend on the amount of work that the patient needs.

Keep in mind that tooth contouring and reshaping is a procedure for minor imperfections. Dentists often need to combine this procedure with other work such as veneers, bleaching, crowns, or other cosmetic procedures to achieve an optimum result.

If multiple procedures are needed and expense is an issue, consider doing the procedures over time. Often, contouring is a suggested first step that can make a big difference in how you feel about your smile.

The risks involved in the procedure include the removal of too much enamel, subjecting the tooth to a greater chance of breakage or decay, or reappearance of the problem if it is due to grinding of the teeth. However, seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist virtually eliminates these risks.

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