October 27, 2016

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Anything that pertains to your oral health, any concerns, whether these are minor or serious problems, should not be ignored and should be given immediate attention. This is because whatever is happening with your oral health always has an impact to your general health. For anything that you and your family need when it concerns your teeth and gums, your general dentist would be the best person to seek professional health care from.

Most of the time, general dentists would partner with the dentists of other specializations in a group practice. This is for them to be able to deliver a wide range of treatments based on the unique and specific needs of each of your family members. They can provide oral health for all patients of all ages. Your general dentist is the one who can diagnose and provide treatment for the conditions that pertain to your teeth, gums and other surrounding tissues. He can also help you significantly on preventive care which is focused on the prevention of decay, cavities, gum and periodontal diseases, and bad breath.

Below are some of the services that a general dentist provides but are not limited to:

  • Diagnosis of oral health conditions that can result in potential systemic or medical diseases. He uses the latest techniques and equipment to perform a thorough assessment and examination of the patient’s neck, head and oral cavity.
  • He uses specialized and effective techniques to detect potential problems of the teeth, gums, supporting bones, other surrounding tissues in the head and neck and oral cavity.
  • He can perform restoration procedures to save the teeth that are damaged by decay, trauma or diseases. Examples of dental materials that are being used are crowns, implants and dental bridges.
  • Perform surgeries to fix and correct problems with gums and supporting bones to address gum diseases
  • Teeth extraction if necessary and if all options to save the tooth are all exhausted
  • Provide relief from the pain that is caused by oral health conditions and trauma, while making use of medicines to alleviate the pain and reduce discomfort
  • Improve the teeth’s natural functions like chewing, biting, speaking, by addressing issues with the alignment of the teeth
  • Comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the patient’s oral health condition by reviewing medical history
  • Providing education and advice on good oral health and preventive care to be able to maintain healthy teeth and gums and be able to avoid unwanted oral health conditions
  • Provide guidance and instructions on how to maintain good oral health that covers good oral habits, proper diet, proper brushing and flossing techniques and other effective measures to protect healthy tissues and avoid oral diseases

When you visit your dentist regularly, you can avoid the following potential problems.

  1. Oral and facial pain that is typically a result of gum problems and the infection that is affecting your teeth and the supporting structures of your teeth. If these are not addressed, these can lead to tooth loss. A gum disease is caused by the spread of bacteria in the mouth and this is not something that can be neglected because a large percentage of the US population has already been affected by gum disease due to poor oral health.
  2. Serious health problems like conditions of the heart and the other major organs. Infections of the mouth can have an effect your major organs because the bacteria in your mouth can travel to the other parts of your body and can result in serious conditions like heart diseases.
  3. Digestion problems. Digestion begins in your mouth, because it is where the first stages of the chemical and the physical processes occur before going down to your digestive system, and the conditions affecting your mouth process can be linked to intestinal failure, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions.

There is no better way to stay away from oral health problems than dealing with them before they even occur. It all boils down to making sure good oral hygiene is maintained and that means proper brushing, flossing and regular dental visits. You have your own share of making sure you are on top of your oral health, but your dentist can also help you a lot with that goal, so seeking your dentist’s professional help and guidance can make a difference when too.

For more information on general dentistry, call Celebration Family Dental (469) 607-8009, or visit us at 3720 North Josey Lane Suite 106 Carrollton, TX 75007.


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