November 12, 2016

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When you aim to achieve optimum oral health, brushing and flossing are not enough. You have to ditch the sugar and sweet. Yes you read that right. It takes a lot of discipline if you want to make your teeth as beautiful and as healthy as they can be. Your regular dental visits are also just as important because these can help you stay on top of your oral health. But another thing you should not be forgetting is your diet and nutrition. Whatever you eat can affect your oral health. Eating the right types of food can increase your teeth’s ability to fight and resist cavity causing bacteria. Nutritious foods are also beneficial to your body and can help boost your immune system so that you can easily fight infections.

What are the benefits of good nutrition to your oral health?

If you fail to maintain a diet that is rich with vitamins and minerals that your teeth need, your risk of developing oral health conditions like dental caries, tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath is increased. It is not advisable to keep on eating foods that are rich in sugar and starch because these can increase the acid production in your mouth. Too much acid is harmful for your teeth because it makes your enamel weaker and prone to decay.

Your body needs carbohydrates and you may not be able to completely eliminate sugar and starch from your daily food intake because carbs give you energy and having a low blood sugar is also unhealthy. What is important is that you are mindful of the amount of food you eat if they are rich in carbs and sugar because too much of these can be bad for your teeth. Bacteria feed on sugar and starch and that will lead to the development of plaque. If you cannot help but eat sweets, try to incorporate them when you eat your regular meals rather than eating them in between meals. This way, the amount of saliva produced during your regular meals will be able to wash off the sugar from your teeth.

Fruits and milk also contain a substantial amount of sugar which is why you can still be at risk for tooth damage if you of these too much. Just make sure that you are mindful of your consumption of these foods and drink plenty of water to rinse off the sugar from your teeth.

If you want to know what food and beverages are helpful to your oral health, here are some of them listed below:

  • Drinking plenty of water is helpful for both your oral health as well as your general health. It is also a lot better if your water supply in your community is fluoridated so that the protection of your teeth against decay and cavities is increased.
  • Dairy products. Dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and are therefore good for your teeth. Calcium can make your teeth and bones strong and these are the examples of the products that are high in calcium. These foods also contain low sugar so that means they are not that harmful.
  • Foods that are rich in protein like meat, chicken and fish can help make your tooth stronger by strengthening your tooth enamel and helping your teeth get the protection they need against bacteria.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are not only beneficial to your general health but to your oral health as well. Vegetables are rich in fiber and that means they can make you feel full faster and reducing your cravings to eat in between meals. Fruits, though they are rich in vitamins, are also high in sugar so be mindful of your intake and drink plenty of water right after.
  • Instead of snacking on starchy foods, switch to a healthier alternatives and one example are nuts. Nuts are rich in protein but are low in carbohydrates so these are definitely a great option. They also do not encourage the growth of bacteria because it increases the production of saliva.

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