Dental Implants and Implant Restoration

April 24, 2017

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The Celebration Family Dental Clinic at Carrollton 75007 is a renowned dental clinic which offers you the most comforting and relaxing treatments. The team of professionals at our clinic is friendly and compassionate and is committed to giving you a happy smile you have desired. Various treatments are performed at our clinic both simple and complex, to give you excellent oral health. Restoration of dental implants is one of them.

Dental implants are replacements, which are fixed to your teeth when they are missing. It is the prosthetic dentistry and a form of cosmetic dentistry. They are significant in the prevention of bone loss and can tend to the dental aesthetics and your facial aesthetics. Dental implants have grown to be an ideal solution for missing teeth and to stabilize dentures as well.

The implant is a small metal rod, which is fixed to the roots of your teeth made out of Titanium. Dental implants are known for their natural looking appearances, and the fact that no teeth extraction is needed makes them even more favorable way to get your smiles back in a healthy manner. The implant restoration is done by surgically carving the jaws to fix Titanium rods/screws. Once this process of integration is complete, the prosthetic teeth can be fixed on top of them. Titanium is the most favored material used in such procedures because it integrates with the human body in the most comfortable manner. Also, it is biocompatible and dental friendly, and hence, our bones accept the Titanium implants and produce a biological union which can last for a lifetime. Dental implants are favored over bridges and are known to be permanent solutions to the problems of missing teeth.

After the dental implants are healed, an implant restoration becomes necessary. For this custom-made abutments shall be fixed to your restored teeth to hold them in place and impressions of your dental implants shall be taken to design dental implant crowns so that they can match the natural teeth to make them look natural and great. Once this procedure is done the implant restoration shall be fixed to your dental implants permanently.

Dental implant restoration has various benefits. They can prevent the damage to our teeth. Also, they can help in preserving the pulp tissues under them. Implant restorations are known to be very functional and aesthetically pleasing and natural. Implant restorations are very comfortable and promote daily lifestyle activities like eating and speaking and drinking in a very easy and comfortable manner.

Consult our team to get your implant restorations and enhance your oral health. Visit us – 3720 North Josey Lane, Suite 106, Carrollton, TX, 75007. Or call us – (469) 607-8009.

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