What to Expect from Full Dentures Treatment in Carrollton?

August 11, 2017

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Many people amongst all of us are trying to protect our dental health, and for the same, we always brush and floss daily. This is done to make sure that our teeth remain healthy and strong for a longer period. But, no matter what, some people are just not fortunate. Because of several reasons their natural teeth are ruined and are taken off/ lost. They are then replaced with various dental restorations. And one of the famous restorative methods in the field of dentistry is that of dentures. If you are, for the first, opting for the dentures treatment at the best dentist in Carrollton, then here is what you would want to expect:

Dentures are nothing but dental prosthetics that are designed to imitate the function of your natural teeth. They are not replacements, but yes, they tend to substitute the functionality. There are various people with their mouth in different shapes and sizes. Their gums are different; their teeth are different, everything varies. And therefore, the dentures application would be subjective for everyone.
There are various steps, you, as a potential dentures wearer, would have to go through to make sure the dentures fit you perfectly. Most people need to lose their leftover natural teeth as well. Once this is done, your gums will be shrunk down, this happens gradually, over a period of six months. During this time you could go ahead and use temporary forms of dentures to secure your dental health. Once the gums have shrunk down, naturally, you would be called in for treatment for fitting your dentures with us.

The standard forms of full dentures treatment are for the patients who have lost all of their natural teeth. The treatment is divided into two parts.The top dentures part tends to be dependent on the power of suction, largely. This helps keep them in place. In about four visits to our clinic, this process could be achieved perfectly. The lower part of the dentures tends to rely heavily on the gravitational forces.
An oral inspection would be conducted with the help of an x-ray to look very closely at your gums and your bone structure. Impressions are taken of your mouth since dentures are a subjective treatment procedure. This is done to make sure that your dentures are going to fit you perfectly. Your natural shade of your teeth, the size, the contours, everything would be discussed well in advance with you to make sure that your dentures would fit you in a perfect manner. Certain alterations could also be made in your dental structure to make sure there are no problems in fitting the dentures.

Contact the best dentist in Carrollton for your full dentures treatment. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Call us- (469) 607-8009. Or visit us- Celebration Family Dentistry. 3720 North Josey Lane Suite 106 Carrollton, TX 75007.

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