How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction, Carrolton?

September 2, 2017

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Tooth extractions are somewhat uncomfortable procedures which need to be undertaken at times. Sometimes, the tooth or teeth get infected, broken or chipped, and this condition needs to be rectified. At times, the tooth or teeth can be restored. This is done via a procedure called root canal therapy or endodontic treatment. The outermost layer of the tooth is called the enamel. The one inner to this is the dentine. The one even inner to this as well is the pulp cavity. This is full of nerves, cellular matter, and blood vessels. During root canal therapy, this matter is cleared out of the dental cavity. The cavity is cleaned up and disinfected. Then it is filled with a substance called gutta percha. It is then sealed off from the rest of the outside environs with cement. A dental cap or crown may be placed atop the existing tooth structure to give it strength and support.

When does a tooth need to be extracted?

This is done when it is not in a state to be restored. The tooth is extracted by first giving anesthesia to a patient – this is usually via injections. Then the tooth is extracted out by a good dentist. The effect of anesthesia wears off after a few hours. The patient usually has to take antibiotics and painkillers after this for a few days. Tooth extraction takes a minimum of a day or two to recover from. It depends upon the patient himself or herself. However, it is advised that the patient take rest on the day of the extraction at least. More care is needed if more than one teeth are extracted at any given point in time. Also, more precautions need to be exerted if the wisdom tooth removal has taken place since this is more sturdy in its place.
After tooth extraction, the patient should not indulge in heavy exercise for a day or two or the site of tooth removal may start to bleed again. A gauze pad is usually placed at the site, and the patient needs to press into it for some time to ensure that some pressure is exerted on it to prevent too much of bleeding. Also, the patient should consume only fluids for the first few hours after the extraction. During the rest of the day and for at least a day after the extraction, the patient should consume only soft foods like ripe bananas, broken wheat cooked in milk or even in water along with some boiled and soft veggies like potatoes and tomatoes et al. Care must be taken to not brush the remaining teeth for about a day at least after the procedure is done. Also, dental flossing must be avoided for a while. The patient must make it a point to take the prescribed medicines as per the dentist’s instructions to be able to recover properly from the after-effects of this procedure.
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