10 Warning Signs That You’re Headed for a Dental Emergency

April 4, 2020

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Man with hand to face needs emergency dental careDo you know how to tell if you need emergency dental care? Sometimes it can be easy to tell you’re having a dental emergency, like if your tooth is knocked out or broken. Other times however, you may not recognize that the symptoms you’re experiencing mean that your smile is in danger. Here are ten easily missed signs that it’s time to call your Carrolton emergency dentist.

1.) You Taste Metal in Your Mouth

Do you have a metal dental crown or fillings? If they become damaged, you may begin to taste metal in your mouth. They need to be repaired right away to protect the exposed part of your tooth.

2.) You’ve Had a Canker Sore for Two Weeks

Since your mouth is naturally brimming with bacteria, canker sores and other cuts in your mouth can easily get infected. If they last for more than two weeks, it’s time to call your dentist.

3.) You Experience Constant Headaches

Regularly waking up with headaches or jaw soreness is a common symptom of grinding your teeth in your sleep. This is called bruxism, and it can lead to broken teeth and TMJ disorder if left untreated.

4.) Your Gums Ache and Bleed Easily

Gum tissue that is inflamed, tender, sore, and bleeds easily is often the result of a dangerous bacterial infection known as gum disease. It needs to be treated as early as possible to mitigate permanent damage.

5.) You Have an Intense Toothache

If your toothache is severe, long-lasting, or getting worse with time, it needs to be seen right away. You may have an abscessed tooth that’s in danger of being lost.

6.) Your Tooth Has Gone Numb

A tooth that suddenly goes numb after a toothache could mean the infection is growing worse, not getting better. Your dentist needs to clean out the infection right away to salvage your tooth.

7.) You Have Loose or Wobbly Teeth

Destructive bacteria from issues like gum disease or a tooth abscess may damage the connective tissues that hold your teeth in place. Even if you’re not in pain, your tooth may fall out if left untreated.

8.) There’s a Small Bump on Your Gums

A small, pimple-like bump on the gums could be an indicator of a gum or tooth abscess. The bacteria need to be eliminated before they spread to other teeth or throughout your body.

9.) You Have a Fever or Fatigue

Although they may not seem connected to your mouth, a fever or signs of fatigue may point to a serious bacterial infection in your mouth. It may become life-threatening if ignored.

10.) Your Face, Jaw, or Neck is Swollen

Another natural reaction to a serious oral infection is swelling in the face, neck, or jaw. See your dentist right away if you notice any swelling, but go straight to your local emergency room if you are having difficulty breathing or swallowing.

If you have a new or unusual symptom in your mouth that has you concerned, call your dentist. They can give you first aid advice over the phone and help you determine if you need emergency dental care in order to save your smile.

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