Cracked Teeth & The Pandemic: How’re They Possibly Related?

March 18, 2021

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a person grinding and clenching their teeth as they sleep

During quarantine, the last thing you’d expect countless people to suffer from is dental emergencies, but that’s exactly what happened when everything shut down last spring. Countless dentists were busy fixing problems like cracked teeth and toothaches in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, but why? Read on to learn about why so many people were calling up their emergency dentist while quarantined in their home.

What’s the Deal with Dental Emergencies During Quarantine?

It has been over a year since the pandemic closed businesses across the country to shut down for the safety of communities. Now, a record number of people are working from home instead of the office, creating makeshift offices from their dining room tables, couches, and counter stools. Not to mention, the pandemic has caused countless people to have notorious “COVIDreams” that are keeping them from being able to get the restorative rest they need. With the stress of changes in daily life paired with exhaustion, more people have started grinding their teeth at night.

Nightly grinding and clenching, also referred to as bruxism, puts so much tension and force not just on your jaw joints, but also your teeth. This causes them to wear down and eventually crack and break if they’re not being protected. The stress of the pandemic has had a massive impact on everyone, but few people realize that their smile is being affected as well.

What Should You Do if You Break or Damage a Tooth?

If you break or crack a tooth due to teeth grinding, it’s important to contact your emergency dentist right away to receive treatment. If the damage can be repaired, they may place a protective dental crown over the top of it to hold it together and keep it from becoming even more damaged. If the crack is too severe, they may recommend extracting the tooth.

How Can You Protect Your Teeth During the Pandemic?

Nightly teeth grinding and clenching can wreak serious havoc on your oral health by putting you at a higher risk of all kinds of issues, like cavities, broken teeth, and even loose teeth. Fortunately, something as simple as sleeping with a customized nightguard can help prevent all of these problems from developing.

Even though life is hectic, it’s still important to take care of your oral and overall wellness. Something as simple as protecting your smile by putting a nightguard in before you go to bed can be the difference between making this pandemic even more stressful than it already is and sleeping more soundly.

About the Practice

At Celebration Family Dental, we aim to keep patients’ smiles healthy and happy by taking preventive measures to keep oral health problems at bay. We offer several services to protect smiles, including customized nightguards for bruxism, gum disease therapy, and routine checkups and cleanings. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment for a nightguard, visit our website or call 469-892-6647.

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