How to Save Money by Getting the Fillings You Need Before 2021 Ends

September 6, 2021

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The last time you visited your dentist for a checkup, they said you had a couple of minor cavities. They recommended that you schedule an appointment to get fillings as soon as possible, but you’re not sure if that’s really necessary. Your teeth feel fine, after all, and you don’t want to take time out of your busy schedule. However, leaving cavities untreated could actually end up costing you more money and time later on. Here’s how getting the fillings you need before the end of 2021 could save you big!

Why Do I Need a Filling If My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt?

You might be wondering what happens if you don’t get fillings when your dentist recommends it. Even though a few small cavities may not seem like an urgent problem if you can’t feel or see them, the decay will get worse the longer you leave it untreated. Eventually, the decay can reach the nerves in the tooth’s center. That’s often when patients first begin to feel pain, but by that point, the tooth has sustained irreversible damage. Without prompt treatment, your tooth might have to be extracted altogether.

Luckily, fillings can stop tooth decay long before it reaches that point. During this quick procedure, your dentist removes the decayed enamel and replaces it with a natural-looking composite resin. Tooth-colored fillings not only strengthen the remaining tooth structure, but also shield the sensitive inner layers from future decay and infection.

Fillings Help You Avoid the Need for Expensive Dental Treatments

In addition to being painful, leaving a cavity untreated can also be expensive. Once the decay has progressed past a certain point, a filling won’t be enough to heal your tooth. You might require a root canal or a tooth extraction. Dental insurance providers tend to consider these treatments to be major procedures, which are typically only covered up to 50 percent. Fillings, on the other hand, are usually deemed basic procedures, so they’re often eligible for 80% coverage.

Start 2022 with a Cavity-Free Smile!

Generally, it’s best to get any dental treatments you need, including fillings, taken care of before the end of the year. By now, you’ve probably met your deductible, which means your insurance company will pay for a portion of your care until you reach your annual maximum. However, once January 1st rolls around, your deductible will reset and your unused benefits will disappear. To avoid wasting coverage you’re already paying for, schedule your appointment to get your cavities filled. It will cost less now than it would if you were to wait until next year – and you can avoid a toothache as well!

The fillings that dentists use today are more lifelike and durable than ever before, making it incredibly easy to have your decayed teeth restored. Start 2022 off on the right foot by greeting the new year with a cavity-free smile!

About the Authors

Dr. Rajiv Shekhadiya and Dr. Dhiren Ahir aim to provide quality dental care at affordable rates. They use modern materials to seamlessly heal decay with tooth-colored fillings. Their practice, Celebration Family Dental of Carrollton, is an in-network provider for many popular insurance plans, including Cigna, Delta Dental, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, and more. To learn more about saving on dental care, contact them at 469-892-6647.

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